2003-11-25 UpOnOne.com Video Give Away Promotion
FREE FREE FREE...we knew that'd get your attention. Take some time and head on over to UpOnOne.com and sign-up for their newsletter for a chance to win a copy of the re-released version of 'Project Mayhem: Las Vegas'...I would say that now its "Bigger, Longer, and Uncut" but i think another movie already used that one. UpOnOne.com has tons of other cool stuff going on over there with free video clip downloads, pictures and general stunt news. Check It Out HERE
2003-11-08 Wilson Creek Winery
All of the WCF crew would like to thank our friends at the Wilson Creek Winery for showing us a great time.
2003-10-26 Project Mayhem: LIVE Las Vegas and Pomona
Another live show in the books. WCF wants to thank everyone for putting on another kick ass show. Thank you to Aaron, Kane, Kevin, Jessie from Las Vegas and Warren from SoCal for the Las Vegas show, and Mike Nicely and Dean Dexter from the CaliBoyz, Jamal, Ryan, Kavi, Mick, and Brian from SoCal for the Pomona show. We also want to thank Aaron from Racing 905 for showing us some love.
2003-07-18 InsaneVideos.com email issues
Our apologies to everyone for the persisting problems with the insanevideos.com email accounts. hopefully our provider has gotten their act together and fixed all the problems.
2003-06-12 Riot Radio
Aaron and Kane will be on Riot Radio tonite's show. Most likely talking about their travels and stories of riding, drinking to excess, and keeping the local law at bay. Check 'em out at www.riotradio.com.
2003-06-01 PM:LIVE Chicagoland UPDATE!
Project Mayhem: LIVE went off without a hitch. BIG WCF thanks to Scooter Trash for putting on a kick ass show! ALSO, big ups to none other than Thew from Team1096 for showing up at the event and deciding to jump in the show and ride! Woohoo....next stop is the LVMS Funny car show on Jun14th, 2003 in Las Vegas.

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